I learned a lot about Darwins voyage. Darwin was a very religious man but when he went to a very questionated trip. He found many new animals such as megalonyx,megatherium,slethorium,black lizards etc. And many fossils. When he studied the fossils he saw that the fossils where a lot like some animals. And  he found out some birds called finches. The birds where practically the same except for the beaks. I also learned about some places in earth that I didn’t know where they were. Darwin travel for all over the world. I also learn his theory about how earth was made. In the Galapagos island he discovered the tortoise. It was like a long neck turtle but the turtles from today have a short neck insted from a long. This short neck turtles evoled from the long neck ones.Thanks to Darwins notes we now know more about species of animals and about how they have changed over time.


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